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"Symphony in Fur Minor" Portfolio
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This community of for my "Symphonies in Fur Minor" Portfolio. If you are not in the portfolio, you shouldn't be here!

Portfolio premise:

The focus is music. A piece of music. Artists are to take a song, and put it into a picture. Please, be creative! The work doesn't have to be done on paper- It can be feather-painted, sculptural, on a roll of toilet paper etc etc. It can be digital or real media. Whatever conveys your image the best. However, I must have a copy of it, (so if it's something that can't be scanned, it must be a clear, well-done photo)

Picture must be at least 300 dpi, and sent to me just how you did it. Please no Borders! If there is a particular line in the song that cries out to you, let me know and I can work it into the final format.

Final pieces will be on a CD, and will have the name of the artist, the song artist, and song title on it. Remixes are fine.

Music can be of any Genre- it can be something more current, something foreign, something without words, or even folksongs. No repeats of songs are allowed, even if it is a remix. If too many of the same band shows up, I will request that new bands be picked. Ideally, I would like people who purchase the Folio to be able to go and download the music for themselves, since I cannot include the music itself with the folio. However, I know there will be a few exceptions to this

Remember, this is going to be sold at an anthropamorphic convention, so please try to keep your drawings to weres and anthros! Though I do understand that inspiration is strange sometimes, so if Quads inspire you in your piece, you may put them in. These do NOT have to be your own persona, they can be whatever you feels best portrays the song. ABSOLUTELY NO HUMANOIDS.

These pictures should be rated NO HIGHER than PG-13! So please-- cover your parts! I understand that some music is powerful, and some pieces have "darker" thoughts. That's fine. There will be warning inside the folio of this.

Artists will also have to help contribute towards the purchase of CD's, labels, etc, and will of course get their copy of the portfolio, and copies to sell. The Artist's fee for this is $10 (if it goes over, I'll take it as my expense). Payments can be check, money order, well concealed cash, and Paypal. Please email me at aimee@skee.net for Paypal and snail mail address.

Payments due: March 30th

Song choices due: March 30th

Deadline: April 30th

This Folio will be unveiled at Anthrocon 2006!