To anyone still watching this community--

For anyone who has done a computer piece, I'm now allowing a PRINT of the piece to act as your original.

Again, no other prints are to be made other than this.

Cd Sales

I've gotten some questions as to how much the Cd's were supposed to retail for.

Going rate is $30, please do not go any lower than this! Those of you who are in the musicportfolio2, if you have any left over when the second one comes out, there will be a "special" I'll set up where they can buy both CD's.

Please remind people that the songs are NOT included due to copyright issues, but song title, artist, and album are included.

You may have "package deals", such as a free print from your stock (NO folio prints!), or a combo such as "get the cd and a badge for $40". You may do this, as long as you make it clear that the deal they're getting is on the other thing, and not the folio. Price may not dip below $30.

For example. "Free badge with your purchase of a Music folio Cd!", making it clear that its not the badge they are paying for, but the CD.

Make sense?

EDIT: Anyone Else not receive their CD's? With the exception of Watergazer or Rosequoll. I want to make sure everone from the first batch already got theirs at least.

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Ok, Everyone, with the exception of Watergazer -should- have their CD's.

If you DO NOT have them, you need to contact me immediately, as I need an address to send them to.

Those of you overseas should have them too-please let me know what this status is.

Seeking CDs

I wanted to write here, and I know I'm late but I have a ton of stuff going on, because I haven't gotten my CDs yet for the portfolio and would like to get them before November's MFF con. I am sending you my address again and will keep you posted, and if you need added shipping funds let me know.

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Finally, an Update.

Let me explain the situation here as to why some of you haven't gotten your CD's. I've been going through financial issues, mainly paying for my last semester in school. Since I don't require anyone to give me money to send the CD's out, those of you who haven't have to wait until I get funds. (Thank you -SO- much to those of you who have helped with shipping.) Not to mention, I've had no car to get me to the post office (which is about 20 minutes away), and my mom's schedule hasn't met mine.

I've been extremely busy beforehand scrambling to get said funds, so I haven't been online much, which would probably explain lack of response and updates. For this I apologize. I'm sure some of you have been in the same situation before and can understand.

Needless to say, I have a bit of extra funds, and a way to get places now (YAY) so I can run to the post office. I can do this Tuesday after my classes, or Wednesday after class.

There are but a few Addresses I need yet. I might've gotten it before my mail server switched, which is now deleted, so bear with me.

These are the addresses I'm missing.

Watergazer, I had thought you already sent me yours, but I checked my email stats, and its not there.

If your name is on this list, PLEASE send me an email RIGHT AWAY. Send it to the account, as I check that one more.

ALSO, if there is ANYONE who has made an Artist Payment, and didnot make the Folio Deadline,
REPLY HERE. If you are committed to next year's folio, you will be credited (even if the fee might be a little higher). If you will not be joining The Second Movement, you will be refunded. Of course, I hope to see you all there.

Thank you everyone for bearing with me for this project, and for your patience. It was my first folio project, and I admit, it was a little rocky, but next years should run smoother. I've laready learned some good lessons.

Questions? Please ask.
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Well, my auction on Furbid-SF ended successfully with three bids and no interference from anyone in charge on Furbid-SF. I never got an email back from Ayukawataur, so I'm just assuming that selling your CDs on that website is ok now. =/ I don't really know though, since there was no real solid conclusion to the matter.

Thanks anyway to those of you who were willing to vouch for me! <3 <3 <3
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Problems selling in Furbid

Hey Music Portfolio Members! I'm having a problem with selling my CDs on furbid. I received an email from the Furbid-SF administrator, Ayukawataur, asking who made the CDs and who all the other artists are. When I pointed Ayukawataur to this livejournal community, and gave the names of the artists listed inside the CD, I got this email back:

"I ask because of one of our policies.
Restricted Items:
Art CD Collections:
Sales of Artwork on CD, DVD, or any digital medium, is restricted only to
the original artist or authorized reseller. Resellers must provide
FurBid-SF proof of authorization from the original artist before listing
the item or it may be removed without notice or refund of any fees
associated with listing

I need to know if you qualify as an authorized reseller, and how if the
answer is yes.

- Ayukawataur

I have sent an email back saying that I was invited into the project and participated accordingly, and I paid my artist fees to get these CDs and be able to sell them on my own. Has anyone else run into this problem?

If need be, can I count on you all to basically say "yes she can sell the CDs, we all sold CDs with eachother's art on it," or something to that effect? Let me know what you all think!

And Tyreenya, if this is inappropriate to post here, let me know. =3

It makes me want to wag my tail...

When it comes I want to wail "Maaaaaaaaaaiiil!"

Hokay guys,

Those of you in the US who gave me your addies, your CD's went out yesterday. Please let me know when you get them! (Kyndir, sorry, yours goes out next time! It somehow got mixed up with the out of us packages!)

Those outside of the US, I have to wait until payday again. That and the fact that I didn't have any of those little green custom slips.

The addy's I'm missing are:

Tathi (again because my email is stupid)

If you see either of them, have them holler my way, please?

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Geez. Amazon sure takes their time.

Everything is ready, however, because of the email switch I made, everything is gone :( Basically, my brother handles the payment to the account. He had to reset it so that I can still get it at that address, though it goes through gmail (arg. I hate gmail) now.

The addresses I have are:


You may either reply here (comments screened), or email me at the account. Sorry this has taken so long to get to those who did not attend AC, but Amazon is a butthead. Hang ups, hang ups.

Remember, if I do not get your address, I cannot mail you your CD's! I would like these to go out relatively soon, so I'm giving you guys a week deadline- you have until the 23rd, or you'll forfeight your share. The sooner you can give this to me, the better.

While I don't require you to pay for shipping this year, I certainly wouldn't refuse any kind of contribution to help :} (Paypal addy is

As always, guys. Questions- please ask.

Thanks for everyone's hard work! I hope to see everyone at musicportfolio2!

Next Year's Folio

First, I'd like to congratulate Wolfnymph as being chosen for the cover for this year's folio. It was VERY hard to choose from, and I feel she did an excellent job on her piece.

Those awaiting CD's: will be shipped out as soon as I can get my order from Amazon. Regretfully, I had to leave the remaining CD's until after AC so I didn't stress myself out. O.o

There will be another folio next year, in which you can find at musicportfolio2. It's open invite, however, there are a number of rules this year. If you are interested, please take the time to read the rules first (on the first post, not the info page), then add it to your friends list.

And please DO spread the word! The more publicity we get this year, the better it will do!

Hope to see you guys on the other LJ :D

This isn't the end of this one until everyone has at least gotten all of their CD's, so please keep checking this one!